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Starter Stack (Choco Smooth)

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    The Starter Stack is the perfect pack for any beginner new to supplements. It provides a range of products which will help with muscle growth and recovery as well as supporting overall health and wellbeing and is the best stack for anyone who wants a simplistic yet effective range of products at a fantastic price.

    The Starter Pack includes the following products:

    Impact Whey Protein – Chocolate Smooth, 1kg

    100% whey protein concentrate with no added sugar or fat, Impact Whey Protein is Myprotein’s number 1 whey protein supplement with over 20g of protein per serving. It is premium grade whey protein concentrate which is Undenatured, meaning it has been treated at low temperatures to retain the highest biological value as possible. Impact Whey Protein is a perfect source of protein for around your training sessions or as a source of protein throughout the day to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and help with the growth and recovery of lean mass.

    We recommend consuming 1 serving (25g) either before or after your training and a further serving throughout the day to increase daily protein intake. Consume 2-3 servings daily.

    Alpha Men Super Multivitamin -240 tablets

    Alpha Men is Myprotein’s all-in-one multivitamin tablet, which has been designed to provide the optimal level of vitamins and minerals to support overall health and wellbeing and performance. It is essential that anyone taking part in intense physical training consumes the right amount of vitamins and minerals to help with recovery and training adaptation, this is why Myprotein have developed the perfect formula to support this.

    As a dietary supplement we recommend consuming 2 tablets in the morning and a further 2 tablets at night. Best taken with food.

    Myprotein MixMaster Shaker

    The Myprotein MixMaster Shaker is the ultimate shaker to mix all of your supplements together in the most effective way possible. These shakers are the latest design as they come with a mesh grill which helps make the drink lump-free, and a screw-top lid to make it secure when shaking. The 700ml capacity makes it perfect for mixing your powders or using as a flask for your water during your training sessions.

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